Modeling Tips

For Beginner Male Models, Getting Their Name Out There Can Be More Valuable Than How Much Models Get Paid

Exposure is best described as opportunities that allow you to be "seen" by others. A common way for way for college students to generate exposure for themselves is to create a Campus Men profile. And the most valuable exposure allows you (and your name) to be seen by industry professionals, not just everyday folks.

In Which City Can You Become Famous Easier?

Fame has nothing to do with location. Sure, if you live in LA or New York or Miami, you might be "discovered." And, you are more likely to be around people who already are famous. But, don't confuse being around famous people with fame for yourself. Fame for yourself must be earned and you can establish that fame from anywhere in the world.

How To Impress A Girl

There have been volumes written about How to Pick Up Girls, How to Impress Women, How to Please Women in Bed, and so on and so on. I am not here to add to those volumes of material, I am here to tell you what I know to be tried and true when it comes to how to Impress a Girl.