In Which City Can You Become Famous?


By Vicky Phipps, a graduate of The Ohio State University.

Fame has nothing to do with location. Sure, if you live in LA or New York or Miami, you might be "discovered." And, you are more likely to be around people who already are famous. But, don't confuse being around famous people with fame for yourself. Fame for yourself must be earned and you can establish that fame from anywhere in the world.

The Internet offers everyone, everywhere the ability to reach the world. If you are serious about becoming an actor, model, singer or even comedian, you will likely need to move to a larger city where TV and film producers, casting agents, and clubs are more plentiful. But, if you simply want the world to know you exist, you can do that from the comfort of your own home, apartment or dorm room. And, it may launch a career that you helps get to the big city more easily at the right time.

We all know of the YouTube phenomenon where someone uploads a funny video and overnight they are on international news and entertainment programs. But, YouTube is not the only way to become famous on the Internet. There are now many websites where ordinary people can upload videos they make. There are also now a lot of video websites that target particular communities. For example, is a site especially for college guys to become famous on campus.

The reason videos are such a great way to get famous is because people are accustomed and comfortable viewing videos.

Becoming famous is not hard in today's Internet world. The trick is finding that trait which will make you stand out from everyone else. It really is not as hard you think. Just be yourself. The surprise is that you already are famous. It's just that nobody knows it yet. Get going and start telling people! Good luck and we can't wait to see you on

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