How To Impress A Girl


By Jack Armstrong.

There have been volumes written about How to Pick Up Girls, How to Impress Women, How to Please Women in Bed, and so on and so on. I am not here to add to those volumes of material, I am here to tell you what I know to be tried and true when it comes to how to Impress a Girl. Guys who Create a Campus Men profile find it is an easy way to impress a girl.

My name is Jack Armstrong and I am the Travel Correspondent for Nsane Productions, a model photography studio that specializes in South American Women. I deal with women almost on a daily basis, I travel often, and have had relations with more girls in other countries than most of you have had in this one. I'm not telling you this to make myself sound like a Player, I am sharing this so you will know you are dealing with someone who knows what time it is and how to play the game.

I am not the best looking guy in the room and do not have a body like a Fitness Trainer, but I am very successful with girls because I know how to impress them and how to make them feel special. There are no secrets or treasure maps involved, just some basic things you need to know that I know, that a girl wish you knew.

Get Your Name on the Map and Be Unique

The first thing you need to do to know how to impress a girl is to get your name on the map. By that I mean, make yourself someone a girl will want to know because you are someone instead of just a regular nobody. The easiest way to do that is to become a Campus Man.

No matter what college you are enrolled in, I'm sure there are tons of hot girls running around on campus What you need to do is to get their attention. Once you Create a Campus Men profile, you will get that instant recognition you will need to break the ice with those cuties you see but have no idea who they are. If you think the jocks at your school are popular, wait until you have the new-found recognition of being a Campus Man. It sets you apart from other guys.

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When you build a name for yourself on, girls can get impressed. Some girls will come up to you once they check you out your tips on

Promoting Your Tips Can Be an Excuse to talk to Girls

But here are some secrets you may not have considered: Excuses to talk to a girl. Asking a girl to share the tips you added to is the perfect excuse to talk to a girl you wish to impress.

You are asking for a favor - not a date. For now, you simply want to get the conversation started. Ask her if she can "do you a favor" by "Liking" your tips. Then ask for her email address. Go back to your computer and email one or two of your Campus Men tip to her. The added bonus? Now you have her email address.

Will she be impressed by your Campus Men-ness? Depends on how impressive your tips are on the site. But you have now established yourself as different from the thousands of other guys on campus - and you have her email address. So, first things first, get yourself Create a Profile on Campus Men. Its an easy way to impress girls.