Getting Exposure Can Be More Valuable Than Money


By Shawn Petrovich of Totally Ripped of Los Angeles, which specializes in photography and video of fitness models.

Exposure is best described as opportunities that allow you to be "seen" by others. A common way for way for college students to generate exposure for themselves is to create a Campus Men profile. And the most valuable exposure allows you (and your name) to be seen by industry professionals, not just everyday folks.

Exposure is valuable because it allows other people to know you exist - and that you have something notable. It does not matter if you are the best looking or funniest guy on your campus if nobody outside your city knows about you.

Exposure Indirectly Creates Opportunities

Exposure does not always put money in your pocket immediately. Exposure indirectly helps you by making you a little more famous each time you or your name are exposed to a new set of eyeballs.

The American Heritage Dictionary defines "indirectly" as:

Not directly planned for;
having indirect benefits.

For example, when a college guy is looking for exposure, what he really wants is to indirectly receive a paying opportunity (later).

Here is How Exposure Works:

  • You agree to do some small opportunity without being paid.
  • The small opportunity generates exposure for you.
  • People see you.
  • Some professional who saw you conatcts you to offer you a paying opportunity.
  • You start getting famous AND earn money

When first starting out in your industry, you will not be offered the types of opportunities that will make you rich. Offers available to you certainly won't make you into an celebrity overnight. But each new experience raises your visibility in the world and allows you to learn crucial details you will not learn in a college class. You also get exposed to new professionals in the industry and probably made good connections. Making connections is called "networking."

When first starting out, exposure is more important than quick money. Some guys will turn down an opportunity because they feel it does not pay enough. Let's say you are offered a low-paying modeling job that requires eight hours of your time, but you only get paid $75. So, why accept such a low-paying job? Accept the job if it offers you exposure. Exposure is the way to become famous.

Don't overlook that there are advantages to taking a job other than money. Smart people accept Opportunity #1 in order to obtain Opportunity #2. What they really want is Opportunity #2, but it simply is not available when starting out.

When you turn down an opportunity, you stay home. The opposite of exposure is staying home and not being seen. Opportunities that make you rich are not going to come knocking at your door. You need to be seen. That is why young people agree to be involved in something even though they are not being paid or get paid very little. They want exposure. Then hopefully, being seen can later develop into well-paying opportunities.

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